Security [SOLVED]: Lockout Users from VBA

Security [SOLVED]: Lockout Users from VBA

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    I am about to submit my big VBA project in Excel, and have come across one last concern.

    I have protected all my macros, but how can I set this Excel so that users cannot either A) Access the ‘Developer’ Tab, or B) Create new macros?



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    You can’t.

    I mean, you can try, and probably stop an accountant or sales analyst from looking at or editing the code, but you won’t stop anyone that wants or needs to go in.

    In other words “protecting” the VBA code will only annoy you, the maintainer. It will prevent a cat from accidentally accessing the code, but anyone with access to a hex editor (or not) will laugh at it.

    Unless you’re using some good 3rd-party tools to obfuscate/encrypt/protect (/corrupt) your VBA project (listing 3rd-party tools is beyond the scope of this site)…

    VBA code is not secure, full stop.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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